PPE Masks and Gloves

Personalised Personal Protective Equipment

PPE Gloves, Glasses, Helmets, Trousers, Polo’s, Hi-Vis, Boots, Jackets. All available with branding on request. Our personal protection range can keep you safe from some of the most dangerous tasks. Check it out!

PPE Personal Protective Equipment. Whether you need masks, gloves, kneepads, or helmets. We can offer PPE made from Spandex or Nitrile gloves, PU, and super light Nylon. We can offer a range that can help you provide protection to your employees and customers. We can offer printed reusable facemasks or just the one time use masks. We can offer knee pads from brands such Yoko, Dickies, Regatta tactical threads, Portwest. Made from pressure absorbing foam. We can offer face shields and sneeze guards ready for customer facing industries such as hairdressers and nail technicians. You can also by your nitrile gloves, chemical resistant, or the vinyl type.  We can also offer the rigger type of gloves or the other chemical resistance ones which are the stretchy. View the best type of personal protective equipment for your business.