Embroidered and Printed Sweatshirts

Printed or embroidered with your message or logo, lots of brands and plenty of branding.

AWDis Sweatshirts, the best brands for quality sweatshirts. Generally Made of 20% Polyester and 80% cotton. Sweatshirts with a great quality brand for printing and embroidery. Sweatshirts available in children’s and adults. AWDis’ own CoolFit blended fabric containing elastane that provides stretch for comfort and a great fit. Add your logo to stand out from the crowd perfect branding.

Henbury Sweatshirts, The UK’s Best Brand for the UK’s promotional apparel. Henbury famous for its’ classic workwear shapes and smart clothing. Henbury uses innovative garment technology and practical styling on the sweatshirts. Henbury’s Sweatshirts are quality products that people want to wear, within the corporate market of workwear.

Russell Sweatshirts, great brand who has been making clothing since 1902. Within their range there are Joggers, Sweatshirts, Fleeces and Polo shirts. Contemporary Best brand, all printed or embroidered. The Russell collection, has authentic pieces, baseball sweatshirts. School sweatshirts, Outdoor Russell Brands, Russell workwear brands.