Printed Tshirts

Printed T-Shirts

Probably the most popular item of promotional clothing. Branded by being printed by our in-house print team at with your message or logo.

T shirts basically named after their Tshape. T shirts where originally worn by American marines as undergarments. T-shirts where also worn by factory workers and agricultural workers. These where made so cheap and had less seams and protected their uniforms from wear and damage. These Tshirts had round necks on T-shirts, called crew neck T-shirts. Eventually V neck T shirts where introduced so you could not see the t shirt under the uniform. Tshirts now are generally made for branding screen printing and the promotional work. Tshirts are usually made without the seams down the side. Using a circular knitting machine and generally made of cotton jersey. Here at we have in stock Crew neck Tshirts, V neck Tshirts, Athletic Vests, Tank Tops Tshirts, Tshirts with raglan sleeves. Baseball Tshirts, Long Sleeve Tshirts, Boxstyle Tshirts, Dye Sublimation Tshirts.

Screen printed t’shirts are generally printed with plastisol, so you can add additives, like shimmer, puff or shine. Tshirts will be cured at a high temperature either through a tunnel or a flash curer.
Some of the Tshirts we have are for dye sublimation print. These are usually a 100% man made and white. Dye sublimation ink is used to print the garments. The ink is heated up which turns into a gas which lives within the t shirt fabric. Meaning full colour will have bright and vibrant images.
Gildan Heavy Cotton T-shirt one our best-selling printed T shirt brands, because soft inexpensive. Top quality brand. Gildan t-shirts can easily handle the thrills, spills, and frequent laundering.
Stanley/Stella another great brand this, company they use only organic cotton from India. And only used recycled polyester from China. They are very responsible and have great looking t shirts. They make sure they know where all their materials come for. Stanley Stella T-shirts are members of the CSR and FWF foundations, making sure workers are paid fairly and work in decent conditions. There is no better way to get your name across than on printed T-Shirts. From